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Sports' team from Little People of Kosova

IV World Sports Games of little people

Rambouillet, France
01 - 07 July, 2005

Media Press of Results from Team Little People of Kosova

Importance of sport for people with disability.

Agim Sahiti
Sanie Hargaja
Adnan Morina
Daut Bytyqi
Valon Marallushaj
Hiljmnijeta Apuk, team leader

Results of IV World Sports Games from team Little People of Kosova



1 GOLD MEDAL - Javelin 29,08m, athlete - Daut Bytyqi

1 GOLD MEDAL - Shot put 05, 78m, women - Sanie Hargaja

1 GOLD MEDAL - Power lifting 80 kg in class, - Adnan Morina

1 GOLD MEDAL - Volleyball ( International team USA - Kosova)



SILVER Football , International team USA - Kosova, together

SILVER Running 100m 17,61sec, mens - Agim Sahiti

SILVER Running 60m 10,77 sec, mens - Agim Sahiti

SILVER Shot put, 7,56m, mens - Daut Bytyqi

SILVER Swimming ? 25 m, mens - Agim Sahiti

SILVER Basket ball, International team Germany - Maroco - Kosova, together

SILVER Power lifting 80 kg in class, - Agim Sahiti

SILVER Power lifting 65 kg, - Daut Bytyqi



BRONZE Volley ball Women International team of women ( France, India and Kosova) Sanije Hargaja (women from Kosova)
BRONZE Boccia Team of three member ( Sanije Hargaja, Valon Marallushaj,Agim Sahiti)

BRONZE Running 4x60m , 49,53 sec mens team ( Agim Sahiti, Adnam Morina, Daut Bytyqi, Valon Marallushaj)

BRONZE Running - single 60m 10,94, mens - Daut Bytyqi

BRONZE Running -single 100m 17,99 sec, mens - Daut Bytyqi

BRONZE Shot put -7,54m mens - Adnan Morina


We would like to appreciate to all donors:

- Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

Department of Sports

- USA Office Pristina



- Supported by UNMIK


Press Conference
Support to the sports of disabled people

June 28, 2005.

Little People of Kosova and Ministry of Sport, Culture and Youth organized Press Conference. On the Press Conference has spoke represented of USA Office Pristina Miss. Merita Masmurati, Advisor for sport from UNMIK Mr. Marc-Andre Buchwalder, Director of sport Mr. Ismail Kasumi and Apuk Hiljmnijeta. They sent messages that are supporting to develop sport for disabled people and wished great success in IV World Sports Games in Rambouillet - France. TV media and newspapers covered it.

Meeting with Prime Minister

Prime Minister Mr. Bajram Kosumi has met team of Little People of Kosova after IV World Sports Games of little people in Rambouillet - France 01-07 July, 2005.
Prime Minister promised to give support for development sports activities of disabled people.

Paraylimpic Games Beijing, China 2008

Team leader Hiljmnijeta Apuk has announced by TV station RTK that success from IV World Sport games for little people is first step towards Paralympic Games - Beijing , Chine 2008. We are going to organize Parylimpic Association for Kosova and apply for International Paralympic Committee - IPC.
We prepare Paralympic team of Kosova for Beijing 2008.

13 Sepember 2005

Meeting with Mr. Soren Jessen Petersen - Special Representative of the UN Mission in Kosovo - UNMIK

Mr. Soren Jessen Petersen - Special Representative of the UN Mission in Kosovo - UNMIK has met delegates from sports team of little people who participated in the IV World Sports Games of little people held in Rambouillet - France 01-07 July, 2005.
He has congratulated for big success in the IV World Sports Games and he wished winning results in upcoming worldwide sports competitions.

Promotional Voluntary Packet Program

of Disability Mentoring Day - DMD

New free initiative of Kosova