IV World Sports Games 2005
events 2004

Prishtine, Kosova

20th of October 2004

Voluntary campaign
Disability Mentoring Day - DMD

The biggest voluntary Campaign Disability Mentoring Day - imported idea from USA to Kosova wide. This is third year that Kosova successfully organized a voluntary campaign of Disability Mentoring Day, an event striving to become tradition. This year, the Campaign became even more successful, there have been approximately 1000 mentor-mentee initiatives, including Government, media, private businesses and NGO-s.

Donated by FES - Pristine, supported USA Office - Pristine, organized by Little People of Kosova

Winnipeg, Canada,
September 8.10. 2004.
the World Summit 2004:
Diversity Within

President of Little People of Kosovo Mss.Hiljmnijeta Apuk has prepared and presented theme “Welcome to our World in the Balkan” regarding empowerment of women with disability.
Who are the speakers?
The world-class speakers are individuals who are committed to the advancement of human rights for people with disabilities. They are well-known international human rights activists, prominent government officials and community leaders.

The Summit has been an opportunity to evaluate progress since the 6th World Assembly and to develop a broad range of strategies and solutions to global challenges. The resolutions reached at the Summit will set the international agenda for future action. Some of the issues that have been covered were:
Human Rights
Self-determined Living
International Development
Sharing the Knowledge
Local Capacity Building

Washington D.C. - USA
Appointed meeting, July, 2004
U.S. Department of Labor,
Office of Disability Employment Policy
Overview of Disability Mentoring Day,
USA- Kosovo

President of Little People of Kosova Mss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk has met with responsible people in Department of Labor of USA, Office of Disability Employment Policy regarding Disability Mentoring Day and other mentoring related activities - workforce, opportunity, and leadership.

San Francisco, USA

June- July, 2004.
National Conference Little People of America,

Importance of International Conferences and their influence in access of information and new technology dedicated toward people with disability - little people.

Little People of Kosova initiates to build institutional cooperation between Ministry of Health and medical Institutions in USA regarding medical treatment little people.

Delegation from Little People of Kosovo and Ministry of Health attended the Little People of America Conference - San Francisco.

Donated by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

Promotional Voluntary Packet Program

of Disability Mentoring Day - DMD

New free initiative of Kosova

May 20, 2004
USA experience to treatment of little people, its influences and visions in Kosova society.
"Complete integration!"

The first serious Conference was organized and held by little people and people with disability. Mss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk, President Little People of Kosova was a speaker.
- Approaching Government with little people and people with disability objectives,
- Sensibility of Institutions that Support Community Integration in order to institutionalize access to education, health care and health services and labor and social welfare.
Conference supported by USA Office - Pristina and donated by Ministry of Health .