IV World Sports Games 2005
events 2003

June 2003- Prishtine, Kosova

President of Kosova Mr. Dr. Ibrahim Rugova has met delegation of three members with miss. Hilmnijeta Apuk, President of Little People of Kosova, regarding attendance to Conference Little People of America and successfully work for rights of disabled people by monthly magazine "Newspaper People with Disability of Kosova" .

June 2003- Pristine, Kosovo

Chief of mission Mr. Reno Harnish, USA in Kosovo has met delegation of Little People of Kosova with Miss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk regarding successful editions of unique monthly magazine "Newspaper People with Disability of Kosova"

Boston, USA

June- July, 2003
Conference Little People of America

A two-member delegation attended the Little People of America Conference in Boston, USA. During the Conference LPK President, Mss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk, initiated institutional cooperation between Ministry of Health of Kosova and experts from different Institutions in the USA.

Vushtrri , Kosova

June 2003
Sport for little people

Sports competitions between members of Little People of Kosova, first time in Balkan Region.

Promotional Voluntary Packet Program

of Disability Mentoring Day - DMD

New free initiative of Kosova

Prishtine, Kosova
October , 2003

Voluntary campaign

Disability Mentoring Day

Advocacy and lobbying toward employment possibilities for people with disabilities by organizing voluntary campaigns for a year. We will try to organize DMD event in a traditional way, as done in the USA, on the third Wednesday in October, with message "Focus on (Dis) ABILITY "

The aim of this campaign is raising awareness for employment opportunities for people with disabilities in their attempts to live independently. One other important issue was to find the impact indicators for that in Kosovo society. Seventy-five people with disability and four people with disability employed long-term participated in DMD event.


International training
September - October, 2003

Vocational training at the MIUSA
Second International Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD)

President mss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk, selected approximately thirty of the most successful women with disability in the world and she attended vocational training at the Mobility International NGO, USA, Second International Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD).

Mitrovice, Kosova
December 2003
OSCE , Mission of Kosova, Pristine
Training of human rights

OSCE-Department of Human Rights by partnership of Little People of Kosova, Handikos and Association of Blind organized training in Mitrovice regarding human rights into focus disabled persons.
Persons with disability are thankful to mr. Fabian Greg from OSCE-Department of Human Rights for human rights training.

Pristina, Kosovo

March 08, 2004
International Women Day


Goals of the campaign:

- Raising awareness for status of women with disabilities in Kosovo society.

Women with disability thanks to donor USA Office - Pristina