IV World Sports Games 2005
events 2002

Salt Lake City, USA
June- July, 2002
Conference Little People of America

Three-member delegation from Little People of Kosova attended Little People of America Conference in Salt Lake City, USA.

Donated by USA Office - Pristina

Promotional Voluntary Packet Program

of Disability Mentoring Day - DMD

New free initiative of Kosova

Prishtine , Kosova
October 15, 2002

Disability Mentoring Day
First time in Kosovo

Opening office umbrella NGO "Handicapped and Disabled People of Kosovo" and it was first time campaign Disability Mentoring Day - DMD event in Kosovo that four persons with disability employed on long term in main office HDPK. By TV RTK we had TV show while President Little People of Kosova Ms. Hiljmnijeta Apuk sent greeting from Prishtina to Washington D.C.USA regarding DMD event.

Donated by USA Office - Pristina