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21 March 2010

Little People of Kosova has been accredited to participate in the work of the Ad Hoc Committee of the UN's General Assembly on a drafting the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Human Rights Day

10 december 2010

10 December 2010, Prishtina

Marking the International Day of Human Rights, Office of Good Governance in cooperation with the OSCE and UN Office, organized a conference to present achievements and challenges faced by institutions of Republic of Kosovo in upholding and applying European and international standards on human rights in relation to persons with disabilities and their participation in social life on equal basis.

Video clip " Realize promises" was published by TV - RTK and on YouTube by links:


(Disability Mentoring Day – DMD)

The idea of promoting professional opportunities for persons with disabilities started in the US and since 1999 this day is marked all over the world, including the Republic of Kosovo, on the third Wednesday of October. The purpose of this day is to enable employment of these people for one or more days, depending on their interest in the job they find. The benefits from this initiative are twofold. The jobseeker with disabilities shall be given the opportunity to practically learn and work in a real job and thus improve their professional skills, whereas employers will see their professional skills.

The Kosovo Multiethnic NGO Network in the voluntary promotional program DMD (Disability Mentoring Days) which is based on a US model and idea, organizes the traditional one month long campaign “October - month of professional opportunities for persons with disabilities” which aims at organizing these activities at the municipal level and enable the participation of a large number of citizens, where there could give their contribution.

You may see the marking of DMD in Washington (US) at the website

The marking of DMD in Kosovo


Prishtina, 20 October 2010

The Government of Kosovo traditionally marks the international day of equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Office of Good Governance organized the employment of 50 persons for one or more days in all ministries, where the main decision makers in respective ministries had the opportunity to closely see the professional skills and the needs for employment of this category of workers, who should be included in all development policies and programs.

Ferizaj Municipality

The NGO Hendifer from Ferizaj organized the opening ceremony of the one month long campaign “October –month of professional opportunities for persons with disabilities” with the participation of representatives of local and central institutions.

Many private companies and local media participated in the campaign which continuously followed and motivated this event. 100 working days for persons with disabilities were achieved, while two of them got jobs for three months and two others were employed with private companies with permanent contracts.

Mitrovica Municipality

In the opening of the campaign “October – month of equal professional opportunities for persons with disabilities”, Municipality of Mitrovica employed five people of this category for five days to work in the administration, which would be paid 10 Euros a day.

Third Session of States Parties on the new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

in United Nations in New York

01 - 04 September 2010

NGO Little People of Kosova participated at the Third Session of States Parties on the new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that was held in the UN Headquarters in New York. The session selected members of the UN Committee that was tasked to monitor the status and realization of rights for such persons in the world.

Most importantly, there was a broad debate between the state delegations on how to ratify and implement effectively the new Convention in the UN Member States and how to incorporate other matters related to persons with disabilities as urgent matters in the Millennium Development Goals – MDG.

Kosovo Exhibition

Among many activities that took place during these four days of this international conference, we would like to mention the exhibition with artistic photos of authentic culture of persons with disabilities that was prepared and organized by the NGO Little People of Kosova, which presented this global innovative idea and the specific way of expressing life and culture derived from the experience and invalidity. The message that this exhibition conveyed to the participants was to bring to an end the silence and secrecy regarding differences, and rather encourage these people to show their differences as part of the identity of this category of world citizens.

Video clips was published by TV - RTK and on YouTube by links:

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Disabilities and Inclusive Millennium Development Goals - MDGs

Pristina 31, June 2010.

Multiethnic representatives of different groups of children with disabilities from municipality Mitrovice, Ferizaj, Pristine and Podujevo visited Kosovo Assembly that was a unique opportunity for these vulnerable groups to advocate and to promote an understanding of disability issues, the rights of persons with disabilities and gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of the society. They handed over artworks of authentic culture of persons with disabilities to deputies of Assembly. By artworks they send message that disability is part of the human experience and each Millennium Development Goal must reflect the living tapestry of disability to improve human dignity and quality of life for everyone towards the agenda of social inclusion.

This event emphasized that The Millennium Development Goals cannot be achieved without the full effective inclusion of persons with disabilities and their participation in all stages of the MDG process.

This event opened awareness campaign “Week of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” and Children’s Day.

Those activities were organized by NGO Little People of Kosovo and UNDP.

Video clips was published by TV - RTK and on YouTube by links:

International Women's Day

08 March 2010


Women and girls with disabilities have been and continue to be marginalized in terms of education, employment and health services, among others, and are a greater risk of abuse and poverty than other women.

The International Women’s Day calls on States to pay greater attention to the needs and rights of women and girls with disabilities, particularly in light of the dedicated articles on women and girls in the new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all women and girls who face multiple barriers.

Women with disabilities also have poorer health in comparison to all other groups in the society. This is because women generally have less access to good quality health care than men in general do, but is compounded by the fact that women with disabilities face additional discrimination on the grounds of their disabilities.

The issue of social and psychosocial isolation that many women from marginalized groups face is particularly relevant to women and girls with disabilities in most countries. It is a common practice in many societies to lock women and girls with disabilities in the home or to exclude them from the community.

Women and Poverty:

The disability movement has conducted several statistical surveys and found that women with disabilities are among the poorest people in society. Very few efforts have been undertaken by States to remove the obstacles to improving the economic situation for marginalized women, and women with disabilities in particular. Women from marginalized groups who also have disabilities (e.g. indigenous women with disabilities) are even more likely to live in extreme poverty.

Increased life expectancy of women:

It is well known that men in general have greater access to quality health care and medication than women. This inequality also affects women and girls with disabilities disproportionately in comparison to men with disabilities.

The aging population also creates a situation where there will be many more persons who will gain disabilities later in their lives, and since women generally live longer than men, this is a greater concern for women. States must address this demographic reality and implement programs to meet the needs of the older population with disabilities, particularly elderly women with disabilities.

Access to meaningful work and employment:

Employment opportunities specifically designed for women and girls with disabilities not only provide economic self-sufficiency, but also promote their self esteem, self-confidence, and self-reliance.

Women with disabilities represent a disproportionally high percentage of the unemployed within the disability community.

States must include women with disabilities in all gender equality initiatives, including national labor force programs.

Human rights, equality and non-discrimination under the law and in practice:

There is an enormous gap in the legal system between the effort to provide for fundamental human rights and the reality for women with disabilities.

Much work needs to be done to fulfill the obligations related to women and girls with disabilities.

Happy Valentine's Day

14 February


Last edition with Calendar of 2010

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Happy New Year

First we would like to wish each of you a happy and healthy New Year. We continue to be so impressed by all the wonderful accomplishments that you all have made for persons with disabilities. We wish you much success in the coming year.

On behalf of everyone at Little People of Kosovo and partnership of NGOs in multiethnic Volunatry Promotional Program of DMD - Disability Mentoring Days, we wish you and your family and friends a joyous and peaceful year.

Thank you so very much for all that you are doing for the rights of persons with disabilities.



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