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Respect for children with disabilities

International Children Day 1st of Jun 2007 by point to children with disabilities

President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu met six Ambassadors children with disabilities and they handed over to President of Kosova credential letters with messages towards goals of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu and Ambassadors children with disabilities.
President of Kosova Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu with Mr. Xhevat Islami and Mrs. Fazile Bungu , menagers of NGO Hendifer during reception.
President of Kosova Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu and Hilmnijeta Apuk, Human rights expert of persons with disabilities with children with disabilities during reception regarding International Children Day.
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Albanian language During Press Conference President of Kosova Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu promised that Kosovo shall take all necessary measures to ensure the full enjoyment by children with disabilities of all human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with other children.

Ms. Hiljmnijeta Apuk, human rights expert of persons with disabilities spoke that in all in all actions concerning children with disabilities, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.

Bosnian language
PTK event

Post and Telecommunications of Kosova PTK hosed Ambassadors children with disabilities and members of Assembly Children with disabilities.

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Ministry of Health

International Children Day by point to the children with disability

01 June 2006

Promotion the goals of The International Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons that

is coming up at the UN.

President Mr. Fatmir Sejdiu with coordinators volunteers Miss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk from Little People of Kosova and Mr. Xhevat Islami and Fazile Bungu from Hendifer Ferizaj. They have organized this traditional event on Kosova level. President Mr. Fatmir Sejdiu with Ambassadors of children with disability.
President Mr. Fatmir Sejdiu has met Ambassadors of children with disability, their parents and coordinators of event towards goals the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.
President of Kosova Mr. Fatmir Sejdiu met Expert of Human Rights of Persons with Disability and member of Ad Hoc Committee on a Convention. on the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disability that is coming up at the U.N. Miss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk
Six Ambassadors of children with disability gave accreditations' letters by point of goals the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability to President of Kosova.
Media press

Posters and letter for medias

Volunteers Miss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk, Xhevat Islami, Fazile Bungu, parents of disabled children and kind contribution of USA Office Pristina and OSCE- Mission in Kosovo organized this event.

This meeting was media covered.

Thanks of disabled children of Kosova.

Promotional Voluntary Packet Program

of Disability Mentoring Day - DMD

New free initiative of Kosova

Pristina, Kosova
1st of June 2005

International Children Day
Campaign into focus towards children with disability


Events during Campaign

First Children Assembly of Kosova was established
Establishing the First Children Assembly of Kosova with traditional perspective to meet every year on same date as Children Assembly of Kosova, children together with and without disability. The target of this will be making decision about the children's right in Kosovo society and their requests and recommendation for further work due to improvement of their position.

Visit to Kosova Parlament

Children with disability together with children without disability visited Kosovo Parliament, where they were warmly hosted from the side of Kosovo Parliament delegation-Miss. Flora Brovina other responsible persons of group for social and health lobbing.

Press Conference

During Conference children with disability referred regarding condition of human rights and proposals for their improvin

Visit to President of Kosovo,Dr. Ibrahim Rugova

"With love for Kosova future"

First Children Assembly appointed 6 delegates of Team Children Ambassadors that hand over letters with messages to Kosova President Dr. Ibrahim Rugova and that was opportunity when they had warm meeting with the President.

We are same and we want the others to notice that.

People with disability thanks to donors.

Financed directrly by:
Ministry of Health

In kind contribution supported:
USA office Pristina

organized by
NGO Little People of Kosovo

by partnership with :
NGO Hendifer - Ferizaj
Catholic Church Djakovica
Ministry of Education
Several basically schools from Pristina
Civil victims of mine