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Newspaper Persons with Disability of Kosova

Pristina, Kosova

Non-profitable unique monthly magazine

“Newspaper The People with (Dis)ABILITY of Kosova”

2004 May - curently,
Donated by: USA office, Pristina

Miss. Hiljmnijeta Apuk,
Main Editor in chief office of the Newspaper

Non profit unique monthly magazine "Newspaper People with (Dis)ABILITY of Kosova" as attachment in daily newspapers on two official languages: Albanian and Serbian/ Bosnian language.

The main conclusion of this Newspaper PWDK was to establish an observatory on the status and rights of disabled people in Kosovo and create national policy toward improvement position of disabled people. We people with disability should be equally valued by society regardless of our differences or of the roles we play.

About 600.000 readers (citizens of Kosovo) readied the Newspaper PWDK in past 20 months.

Raise awareness throughout society regarding disability and persons with disabilities and to foster respect for their rights.

Donated by USA office Pristina, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.